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Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant

Catégorie de produit de Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant, nous sommes des fabricants spécialisés en provenance de Chine, Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant, Waste Engine Oil Recycling Plant fournisseurs / usine, de haute qualité en gros produits de Refinery Vacuum Distillation Plant R & D et de fabrication, nous avons le parfait service après-vente et support technique. Réjouissez-vous de votre collaboration!

Chine Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant Fournisseurs

1. Introduction of waste engine oil distillation plant

Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant ,is the new technology which can refine the waste engine oil into base oil(which can be made into diesel and gasoline after processed by our catalyst). The oil quality is better than the original normal pressure distillation technology, which show on purity ,transparence, lightness .this technology will do deodorization and destinke process to the raw material oil automatically by "dry type" vacuum pressure distillation method. With the vacuum distillation technology, the distillation temperature is considerably reduced, and the oil output will higher 5%-10% compared with original normal pressure distillation technology. It makes more profits to the enterprise virtually.


2. Raw material which can be used

    a. Waste oil .example: waste diesel, waste oil residue etc.

    b. tire/rubber oil

    c. plastic oil

    d. crude oil

e. waste engine oil

f. waste motor oil

g. waste lube oil

h. waste transformer oil

i. underground oil

3. Models of waste engine oil distillation plant

 4. Installation: We will be in charge of arranging our engineer to go to your place to guide the installation and train your workers how to operate the waste engine oil distillation plant ,and buyer will be in charge of the food, accommodation and round air tickets.


 5.Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant Exporting Experience:


Brazil, Canada, Colombia, USA,

Middle East:

Dubai, Iran, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey


Albania , Bosnia and Herzegovina


Afghanistan, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar


Ghana, Mozambique, Zambia


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